The True race is 'Rich' & 'Poor' not 'black' & 'White'

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. (Albert Einstein)

That simple statement explains the massive power behind our mindset. Mindset is a beautiful thing because it determines our…

COVID-19 PANDEMIC (where this is taking us )

First of all , I'm not a writer , I'm an analyst. I process information, think, then relay it the best way possible.

Ok so we all know the coronavirus pandemic is going to affect our economy, but the real question…

Coronavirus: Is this more of economic tool for World Powers

So I'm just thinking to myself ,

** if the amount of active cases for the Coronavirus increased after patients tested using a different method are included , doesn't that give a higher probability of more undetermined and unreported cases…

Problems caused by your financial matrix ?

Firstly , what is Financial Matrix ?

The Financial Matrix is the best, most effective system the elites have employed to control the masses. Because it is difficult to detect, the Financial Matrix easily seduces people into willingly enslaving themselves with debt. …


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This article I’m writing might not make sense to some of you , but I’m sure someone out there needs it.

What really is success ?
I have taught about this alot.
Success is relative.
Passing WAEC is success , graduating college is success …

Financial markets and housing financialization

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Real estate cost according to what I have learned from Professor Shiller is not relative to construction cost but more of psychological factors such as social status and high class environment, and other factors like current prevailing market price, demand, utility, scarcity etc…

Owoye Olugbenga

Business analyst | Investment analyst | Billionaire mindset

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